Seneca Farms Biochar LLC

Seneca Farms Biochar LLC was founded in May of 2017 as an entrepreneurial business interested in providing solutions to help with environmental issues plaguing us today. Seneca Farms Biochar is working in collaboration with CarbonZero of Switzerland with this new horizontal bed kiln. We are providing solutions for both immediate and for the long-term to improve the quality of our land, air and waterways worldwide. Seneca Farms Biochar also wants to help our neighbors and friends by providing some economic relief with well-paying jobs while making biochar and building kilns. We are actively advancing technology to create biochar solutions capable of addressing different environmental challenges.

What We Do

Our primary focus currently is to commercialize this groundbreaking process technology for biochar equipment, biochar and several other passively produced products. . We convert waste stream bio-mass into cost effective solutions that are custom tailored to meet your objective. Also, the equipment used to produce biochar produces heat energy that can be tapped to generate electricity for local populations. We understand the environmental challenges we face today and have assembled an industry-leading team of experts who have been actively advancing technology for years with alternative solutions to some of those environmental issues. We also are currently involved with several universities and private sector companies pursuing ideas toward sustainable solutions. We welcome collaborating with others in pursuit of solutions to existing mitigation methodologies.

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4760 Cotton Hanlon Rd | Odessa, New York 14869 | 607-923-8038

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