In collaboration with CarbonZero of Switzerland, Seneca Farms Biochar, LLC has secured exclusive manufacturing rights to CarbonZero’s cutting edge pyrolysis equipment for North America. The kiln (HBK-1000) has the ability to produce consistent high volume, high quality carbon products. Since making biochar is not a “one product fits all” process, our kiln can process the many different bio-mass inputs readily available today. The unique, continuous horizontal bed process allows the user to control the residence time and temperature at each phase. The HBK-1000 is based on a very reliable industrial oven design that is used in everything from commercial bakeries to glass recycling plants.

Biomass is heated in 3 stages:

  • Final drying.
  • Wood vinegar extraction.
  • Syngas extraction / pyrolysis, in successive compartments.

End RESULTS: Consistent High Quality biochar!
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A primary design goal of the horizontal bed kiln is to increase the possibility that its operation will be economically viable in as many contexts as possible. Hence it is designed to produce a variety of end products in addition to a variety of types of biochar. The core configuration produces biochar, wood vinegar and excess heat energy, which in the simplest case can be used to pre-dry feedstock and/or provide heat to buildings, agricultural and industrial processes.


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