Seneca Farms Biochar

Seneca Farms Biochar develops, manufactures and sells innovative, cost effective technology to produce biochar, pyroligneous acid (wood vinegar), and activated carbon at scale. Our technologies sequester carbon and optimize financial outcomes.

Our novel horizontal bed kiln offers precise control over temperature and residence time. These parameters can be regulated to produce a wide variety of thermally decomposed biomass end products with very consistent characteristics across each particle at production scale. This kiln can produce torrefied biomass, wood vinegar, biochar of various types, and activated carbon. Read more here.

We produce biochar for sale to specification as per requirement. Our unique pyrolysis technology ensures that every particle of biomass is uniformly and precisely heated to the target temperature desired. Contact us at your convenience and we'll do our best to meet your needs.

We also produce wood vinegar (pyroligneous acid) for sale. Wood vinegar is a combination of over 200 organic compounds which plants produce to defend themselves from insects and fungal or bacterial infections, and ensure their health and vigor. Research has shown that wood vinegar is often more effective than any chemical pesticide or fungicide humans have developed. This makes sense if you think about it, because plants have developing these compounds over the course of nearly 500 million years of evolution. The truely remarkable fact about wood vinegar is that is it organic, completely biodegradable, because it is extracted and concentrated directly from plant biomass.

Our company's mission is to improve our environment and the quality of our food supply while providing real financial value to our clients. We have too much carbon in the air, and not enough in our soils. Biochar is a way to transfer that carbon from air to soil to ensure optimal agricultural productivity. With our overdependence on chemical fertilzers and pesticides, we have filled our lakes, streams and groundwater with phosphates and nitrates. Biochar can be used to remove these plant fertilizers from our water, and return them to our fields in a way that prevents them from leaching away again. And wood vinegar can supplant the use of many chemical pesticides and fungicides with a superior, biological alternative. Spread the word. We're here to help.